Today while wandering around Home Depo I started thinking about my spring and summer garden. I mean planting flowers, scrubs and getting the grass green again (as opposed to a vegetable garden). This got me to thinking about my favorite, must have, tools that come in handy with almost every project. I like to have a few tools that you know you can use a lot rather than specially tools. Also I like a decent quality tool it does not have to be the most expensive but you want them to be easy to use and last a while.

I always want a decent pair of gloves. Otherwise you hands will be destroyed.  I found these online at I always buy gloves that no man would be caught dead in that way when I want to use them they are right where I keep them instead of used and misplaced by my husband.



While we are on the subject of husbands misplacing your tools I would like to mention that I buy as many of my tools in pink (or a girly design) as I can. This goes for garden tools and household tools. So I found this bag which has a lot of tools you must have in it and they are all pink. Trust me your husband will not want to use this.


I found this at In addition to these tools you will also want a rake and larger tool for trimming bushes. If you need anything else (like a shovel or any power tools) have your husband do the work. Oh and a watering can is always nice to have.

Take Care.