If you are like me you love privacy in your yard but hate ugly fences. I love the look of a natural habit instead of a manmade fence.  So of course you need to know what type of tree grows tall and wide; well I have the perfect tree for you. It is the Arborvitae and it grows really well. This tree likes a lot of sun and gets up to 45 or more feet tall.  There are some different varieties which grow to various sizes so they can fit the needs of just about any home. I know of several homes in my area with these threes and they always look wonderful and the owners I have spoken to say they are low maintenance.



Some may prefer a tree that literally grows into a wall.  The Willow Hybrid is perfect for that.



These trees grow very, very quickly; up to 6 feet in one year. They seem to grow in just about any climate. There are hardly any diseases that have an effect on these trees. They can grow in just about any type of soil and most pests that bother other trees will not bother this type of tree at all. The only difficult thing about the Hybrid Willow is that it must have water every several weeks. So it is not best suited for the western part of the county; the desert areas. And of course California is suffering from a fairly severe drought now so I would not recommend it there. But for the rest of the county this is an excellent choice.

Oh and one more thing before I go this is the perfect time of the year to start planning even if you are still snowed in, soon that will be gone and you will be thrilled to be outside on a nice spring day.

Happy Planting and if you are in the snow I hope it improves for you soon!!!